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    Make your own dog shampoo?

    I have never tired to make my dogs shampoo but it does sound interesting. Do you still have the recipe to make it?
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    Dog hates trimming the nails

    I am fortunate in the fact that I don't have to clip my dogs nails. Since they spend most of their time outside they wear down their nails. I have never cut them but they are always short. Even the thumb nail is short, which can sometimes be a problem with certain dogs.
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    Cutting Ears

    There has been a recent movement against docking tails and clipping ears. I personally feel that dogs shouldn't be altered in this way. It does take a little getting used to but once you do they just look normal.
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    Too hard to choose

    I think you have to look at were they will live and your budget. The bigger breads eat a lot, and I mean a lot. If you don't have a lot of space, more energetic dogs will feel atrophied. I think you should draw up a list of what you can offer a dog and base yourself on that. It will make your...
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    Public Etiquette For Dogs?

    I haven't had that experience in public, but not all dogs are the same. There are certain dogs that aren't obedient and head strong. They will never learn how to behave in public, but it's up to the owners to know what they have on their hands and act accordingly. In that case it's not the dogs...
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    What dog would you recommend for novice owners?

    Labradors are a good choice, they are easy going and have a cheerful personality, but they are big dogs with big appetites. They will eat everything that you put in front of them.
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    Dogs in the summer

    My dogs normally will walk on the grass and avoid the pavement. They do need to drink quite a bit more water during this time of the year so I always make sure they have access to some fresh clean water.
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    I have two small dogs and big garden, I hardly ever have to take them for a walk but when I do I always have them on a leash. One of my dogs is obedient and could easily walk around without a leash but the other one would probably run off. So that they won't get jealous of one another I keep...
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    Do dogs decode language?

    Dogs do learn a certain amount of words. O don't know if they will understand phrases but they will at least learn certain words. A good way of seeing this is just to call your dogs name, they will instantly react to it, even if it's in a phrase.
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    Scary Dogs

    This sort of thing should never happen. Dogs are normally well behaved around us because they look at us for guidance, but once they are by themselves it's difficult to know what they get up too.
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    I have a 9-year old rescued stray dog that I want to train. Is there any hope?

    I think it really comes down to the dog. Just like people there are people that never stop learning while there are others that are set in their ways. I do think that he might learn something but it will never be the same as teaching a pup.
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    Mixed Breeds

    I think people are too obsessed with dog breeds these days. On of my dogs is a full blood mongrel. When ever people ask me what dog breed he is a always answer he is a pure mongrel, just like his father and his mother. lol
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    Intelligence of dogs

    I have never heard of this, but I have heard a similar thing related to dog aggression, it's obviously not true. I don't think that there is something physical that will allow you to make an easy judgement in relation to the dogs intelligence.
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    Does your dog behave?

    One does but the other is a pure tyrant. He bits everyone and only does what he pleases, fortunately he is small and easy to handle. The other is a pure joy and is always on his best behavior.
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    How many dogs is an ample amount?

    I think at least two. It's impossible to be around your dogs all the time so if they have a friend they will handle your absence a little better.