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    Dogs and babies/young children

    Dogs like other animals rely on instinct when reacting to tactile and perceptive stimuli in the environment. Kids are won't to know how not to provoke the dog for instance, not pulling their tail which is quite sensitive. They are also likely to poke their hands into the dog's mouth and do the...
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    How to Keep Strange Dogs Out of My Yard

    Dogs are usually attracted to food and since they are voracious feeders, they try to explore the neighbourhood in search of food remains. So the best way to keep off strange dogs from your yard is to make sure you don't leave the same outside and keep the compound clean. It is also prudent to...
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    Cutting Ears

    The human race has been known for torturing itself to acquire beauty through such things as tattoos which are done for aesthetic purposes and expect to implement the same to dogs. Unfortunately, the latter don't understand the reason for their redesign which wasn't intended by the creator.
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    Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat

    Dogs were basically carnivores before the advent of their domestication. The latter fact did not make them lose their instincts and feeding orientation. Dogs generally cherish raw meat which they can consume in unlimited quantities in the best of times. But the fear is that they might develop a...
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    Public Etiquette For Dogs?

    I suppose dog training should start from an early age to inculcate the correct attitude and behaviour towards people. Its also good to expose the family dog to people from different places but this should not be construed to mean docility. They should be able to detect the prescence of intruders...
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    Do you like small breeds?

    Some dogs are large sized and mostly used for guarding the compound against intruders. These are the ones used by the police to assist them arrest thieves and other criminals. Sniffer dogs are also used to locate illicit items or stolen property hidden in locations where it wouldn't be easy to...
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    What brand of food do you use?

    We usually don't give our dogs food from stores save for porridge flour which I have seen being bought from supermarkets when they are growing up. Most people give their dogs leftovers, generally human food. I have also sourced bones from butcheries to give to our dogs.
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    What killed your dog?

    Its a reality that at some point in life, we would have to bid farewell to our pets or the other way round. Some dogs are lucky to have a long lifespan and live to a ripe old age but in other circumstances, death is caused by diseases and road accidents. My uncle's two dogs died as a result of...
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    Hоw dо yоu tеасh аn оld dоg nеw triсks?

    Its not hard to teach an old dog new tricks unless it has reached the age of senility. This can be done using the technique of conditioning where the dog is exposed to stimuli prompting it to act in a certain way followed by a reward. These actions repeated over a certain period of time will...
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    I live in a rural area in East Africa and people here don't take their dogs out in public places frequently except on the roads. Since rural areas are not congested, we let our dogs have their space to enjoy themselves as they sample the sorroundings reliving a bygone era when they were not...
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    Professional pet groomers

    I am not aware whether there are professional pet groomers and if there aren't, there is need for them. It requires skill and a loving hand to groom the dog comfortably and satisfactorily. Is there certification for professional pet groomers and would you engage the services of one?
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    I have a 9-year old rescued stray dog that I want to train. Is there any hope?

    Nine years is quite a mouthful in terms of experiences in the life of a dog which can make it look difficult to adjust to lifestyle changes. The good thing is that dogs have neurological pathways that facilitate fast learning through a behavioural response of positive feedback. It follows that...
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    How to stop barking at neighbors

    It is not easy to stop a dog from barking at their neighbours reason being that they do this out of instinct. A good way to stop a dog from barking at its neighbours is to cage it in its kennel whenever it does so. This should not be seen as a form of punishment, rather its correction. They...
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    Bad breath of our dog

    Dogs are also likely to suffer from dental problems and this is one of the most neglected area of dog health. Luckily, their teeth are quite strong and thats why they are able to chew bones which gives them the right exercise for their jaws. I posit that putting some garlic cloves into the food...
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    How to rescue a tortured dog?

    It would not be easy to rescue a tortured dog from the owner's compound since this would be regarded as trespass. The best option would be to report to an animal welfare department or other relevant department. Another option would be to alert animal rights activists who would organise for its...