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    Why is chоcоlаtе dаngеrоus tо dоgs?

    Yes, I heard many people saying that chocolate is pretty harmful for your dog. However back in the day my dog used to eat some chocolate now and then. I'm not talking about the whole box of course but one or two sweets few times a month and it really didn't have any effect on him. As being said...
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    A warm sweater for winter

    I think very few dogs would want to put on a sweater. I never really tried to do it with my dog but I'm sure he wouldn't have approved. I guess you could trying dressing a small dog when it's really necessary (like cold weather) but if the dog wants to pull it off you better don't force them.
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    Organic Food

    Well, as I can recall there were no organic food at the time when I had a dog, so it was not an option for me. However, now I don't see a reason why you wouldn't buy it. As being said above it's proven that the organic food is better for the health. So, if the money is not the issue for you then...
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    Collar or harness?

    I guess it depends on the breed of the dog and its behavior. I had a pretty big and strong dog with quite a temper. So, we always used a collar on him. He has never really experienced any chocking problems even though his push was pretty strong sometimes. But the collar is the thing that helps...
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    Does your dog behave?

    I assume we're not talking about puppies but about the grow up dogs. In this case mine is pretty well behaved. He had some training and now he knows what he can and can not do. We don't really have any problems with him while at home. He can get a bit carried away on the streets and starts...
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    Loca Can't Fecking Run

    I remember seeing this video some time ago and honestly it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen! This pug is adorable and puts a smile on your face within seconds. And the word compilation is priceless :)
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    Favourite Dog Movies or Books

    Back in the day I loved movies that involved dogs or cats or other animals. My all time favorites are The Incredible Journey and Beethoven (the first two movies). But right now I tend to skip such films as they always make me cry. The filmmakers nowadays know how to make a heartbreaking story I...
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    We Have A New Baby!!!

    Oh, how cute is she! Why are puppies so adorable, it's impossible to resist:) Congratulations on having a new family member! May she grow healthy and happy;)
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    How many times a day do you walk your dog?

    My dog is used to going out two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Living in the apartment and not having a backyard it's the only time he can spend outdoors. But he doesn't really mind. He's not a fan of long walks and always happy to go back home, especially if it's cold outside.
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    Does your dog like cats?

    Funny thing is that now when I look back I guess my dog has never actually met any cats. At least not close enough. I live in the area where you don't normally see cats on the streets, so the chance of them meeting is pretty slim. But judging by the fact that he wasn't really fond of the most of...
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    Favorite Breed?

    Oh, man, it's hard to choose! Usually I like big dogs such as rottweilers, retrievers. But some small ones are nice too, my favorites are pugs and bulldogs. But when you get a dog it's important to judge not only by its looks. I had a rottweiler before and the dog needs serious training and you...
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    Dog food vs human food

    Well, I never saw anything wrong in dogs eating human food (unless they have some stomach or health problems obviously). My dog always had his own dog food. However he got treats and leftovers of our food on daily basis. And never had any problems. There were some things he didn't eat at all...
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    Do you pay someone to do it?

    I've never took my dog to any professional groomers. One of the reason is that he definitely wouldn't behave there. And the other is simply the fact that I think I can do all needed procedures by myself. Maybe I didn't do much but it all seemed fine and the dog was happy I guess.
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    Bathing Your Dog

    My dog definitely hated to have a bath. But I guess he just got used to it. With the few orders and maybe treats you'd make him stay resignedly and wait till the bathing is done. But I guess it depends, you may try your best to get your dog used to it but can't be sure if you succeed.
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    Dogs and other animals together?

    I've only have dogs in my life. However I have a close friend who keeps both a cat and a dog. They appeared in the house almost at the same time, so maybe that's the clue to them getting on quite well. But I do agree that the owner has to make some effort to set the things around and not to...