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    Dogs in cartoon shows

    I really loved the cartoon 'catdog' they really had their own personalities, with all the cat-dog stereotypes. 90s cartoon network and nickelodeon shows were off the hook!
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    Loca Can't Fecking Run

    I remember seeing this video a few years back and listening to it several times I day, I think that I know every word to this song it is one of my favourites! Such a silly dog.
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    How did you Choose your dog?

    I had numerous puli dogs in my childhood, but once I will have a bigger house or apartment with garden I will definitely have a shepherd dog or labrador. I need a dog that can come with me on trips or long walks and enjoys adventures but smart enough that you can teach to come back and to not...
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    What toys does your dog like?

    Our dog used to play with slippers and was lurking around the neighbour's gardens too, stealing slippers and child toys. I don't think I ever apologized that much in my life to strangers.
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    Hamsters / Guinea Pigs

    I had smaller hamster when I was in middle school. I remember he having one of those running wheels and it was so noisy all the time, but especially at night. It sadly died after a while, but I have nice memories of having it. I think hamsters are good pet to keep is a small apartment or when...
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    Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

    Talking about breeds and choosing, there is not really a best one, of course. I really like muts, they are so much smarter then a few high breeds, and if you adopt one that is the best decision!
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    Therapy Dogs?

    I also know that there are several places with therapy dogs where you can spend a day. If you are getting a therapy dog, you should introduce dogs to the person who needs them, first.
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    Why dо dоgs аlwаys wаnt tо еаt whаt yоu аrе hаving instеаd оf еаting thеir оwn fооd? Is dоg fооd rеа

    Oh no, dogs are just cute little weirdos, they always want that you are eating. Dog food is mostly good for them and there are several brands and flavors out there, maybe try a new one if your dog doesn't like his.
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    Do you pay someone to do it?

    I bathed my dogs all by myself also groomed them. On the other hand there are a several good comments above me. For example puli breed dogs shouldn't get their fur before their eyes cut off, or they can go blind easily. Once one of our family friend did it and poor dog had a really bad temper...
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    A big dog in a flat

    I think that when you have a bigger dog in a flat or apartment the best solution is taking him on several walks a day. If the dog has enough exercise the space around them is not gonna matter for the rest of the day. I have several young friends with bigger breed dogs and they say it is the...
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    Help With Shedding?

    Maybe he is dehydrated? I know that it can cause extreme shedding, also maybe if the season is currently changing, many dogs shed a lot between seasons. You should ask the vet about it, maybe they can give you a few tips, and look after the possible dehydration.
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    Dо dоgs mоurn?

    If not mourn but they miss the person or animal who passed around them. They do search for humans or their brothers, sisters, other pets in the family. There are several stories of collage kids leaving home and the pets really missing them. I don't know if mourning is the right word, but they...
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    How much do you spend monthly for your dog?

    I think that the food and the vet bills are the biggest cost. And if you put them in a doggy daycare sometimes or go to the dog hairdressers (fur dressers?) it is quite expensive too.
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    What are some essential things I need before getting a dog?

    Of course first of all food, bowls and a place to sleep. I think that second most important thing is a trip to the vet. They can really help you with the puppy food choices and the dental stick you mentioned. Harness is equally important.And a mat in your car for the dog.
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    Favorite Breed?

    My favourite ones are actually golden retrievers or chocolate labradors, I always had puli dogs when I was a child, but most of my friends had labradors. They are calm and kind with kids too. I always wanted to have a choc lab, to give a best friend for my future children :)