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    A big dog in a flat

    This same thing was experienced by my friend's dog as well. SO i just asked him to keep his dog with us while goes to work, as we have a backyard where the dog can play with my dog and thus have some outdoor time as well, to ensure that the dog is not depressed. 23 hours a day indoors, would...
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    Collar or harness?

    We have always used just a collar for our dog and had no injury problems or anything. When you want to pull your dog to one direction if its a trained dog, you just need to give it some pressure in the right direction and the dog would move by itself, its not like you have to pull the collar...
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    Is the chew resistant dog bed worth it?

    The other day I went to pick up a bed for my dog and noticed that there was a separate section dedicated to chew resistant dog beds. I really liked the idea since the reason I was buying a new bed was because the older one was chewed by my dog and torn apart, but I noticed the price of the chew...
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    Love Pets!

    Love Pets!
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    Indoor pond

    I personally have only a couple of dogs(just got the second one). I love indoor aquariums but I am afraid that the dogs would just break it in their quest to get the fish, hence am delaying my decision. However, from your experience I am gaining more confidence that they can survive in a...
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    Dehydration issue

    We personally take the dog out only during the evenings in the summer season to avoid dehydration and I have personally set a reminder to look after the water consumption and food consumption of the dog during the summers. We have got a indoor dog bed recently for the dog and it ensures that...
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    Pet insurance

    I am just thinking of getting this for a dog I rescued, but currently it wont even calm down to come with me anywhere, I guess its just sacred. I looked up a few programs online, but most of them do not cover any kind of surgery. I do not know about other countries but in my country a surgery...
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    [HELP PLEASE]Calming down a dog which I just found.

    Hi, its the monsoon season in my part of the world and here monsoon means a heavy downpour causing floods. In a flooded area of my city, I found a dog who was cornered by water and pulled it with the help of a rope to safety. However, the shivering of the dog just wont stop. I have dried it up...
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    Hello Guys! How are you? A PetLover here!

    Hi Guys, As my name suggests I am a petlover and therefore, I love this forum. Hoping to gain some insights about pet care on this forum. Whats your story?