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    Rare Breeds You Want or Just Like

    Well, there are plenty of dogs I've only seen around once or twice in my life which I would really love to have, I saw a grey shar-pei one day when I was working out at the park and I was just like WOW, it's a beautiful dog, I also saw a bull-terrier, that's another piece of beauty, there are...
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    How many dogs is an ample amount?

    I've never considered the idea of having many dogs, I think it could be enough to take care of one or maybe two dogs at the same time, you generally need a lot of time to take care of many dogs, it would be a really good thing, but it would also be complicated at the same time, I would...
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    Small vs. Big Dogs

    Well, I highly agree with you, medium sized dogs are actually the most beautiful ones and whatnot, I would really like to have a German Shepherd just as you mentioned, I've read they're one of the most loyal and most friendly dogs that could ever exist in this world, I can not really imagine one...
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    Cute Puppies!

    Those are some really good looking puppies right there! It would be really awesome to have them all at the same time, but it would also be a little bit hard to take care of all of them at the same time, but there's nothing that love cannot beat and especially if we're talking about dogs, in...
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    Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

    I would personally never recommend big sized and aggressive dogs to non-experienced owners, because it would be something very difficult for them to handle and it would definitely cause a mess, therefore, I highly recommend getting small sized or perhaps medium sized dogs that would fit the...
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    A warm sweater for winter

    He must look really cute with the sweater on :P It's really common to see Chihuahuas wearing any kind of dress, I personally think it's because they're mostly small sized and therefore it's way easier to put on some clothes on their little bodies. I currently bought a t-shirt for my puddle some...
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    A Great Day To One and All! :)

    Hey there @gracer! It's good to have you around! You will surely learn a lot of new things here, I'm new as well and I can assure you that you will learn a lot as soon as you start browsing around the different sections of the forum, hopefully, you can spend a great stay here and have fun! Best...
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    What killed your dog?

    Well, it sadly happened to me back then when I was around 7 years old, I had a husky which my parents had given to me for my birthday when I was 5, the thing is that one day we went out the house for a couple of hours and right after we got back to the house, my dog was dropped on the floor, no...
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    How do you give your cat a bath?

    Well, I currently have a cute cat which I've given a single bath in his entire life, it was a very hard thing to do back then, he was about to kill me the day I just made him feel the water for the first time, I do not really know if it's true but a lot of people say that cats do not need to...
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    Loca Can't Fecking Run

    Well, I really love dogs videos, especially when there are puppies in it, it's a pretty hilarious video which made me laugh a little bit tonight, thank you for sharing this, it really made my night :D It's amazing how dogs can make you feel after having a bad day :P
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    What brand of food do you use?

    I do not really know if this brand is available in your country but whatever, I currently give my dogs Purina DogChow, it's currently the best dog food in the market nowadays, it apparently contains all the vitamins and components my dog needs to be healthy and whatnot, of course there are many...
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    When it comes to toys I generally prefer making them myself since they're just going to destroy them and it would really be a waste of money to buy toys that will not even last a week, remember that when they're puppies they tend to bite and break everything that crosses their way, you should...
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    Well, I personally do not like letting my dog go around whilst we're out the street or perhaps at the park, I just do not consider the idea of giving him some freedom as something really useful or defined as something good whatsoever, we never know when they can get mad and start biting people...
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    How many times a day do you walk your dog?

    When it comes to going out with my dog I personally prefer doing it around twice a day, it's quite rough for me to walk him more than twice a day, there are some days when I have to walk him once a day because I do not really have enough time for it, however, I'm pretty sure my dog loves it when...
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    Does your dog like cats?

    Absolutely! My 4 years old Puddle lives with us along with a cat and they're really good friends, I do not really believe the cats and dogs myth when they basically say that cats and dogs hate each other or something like that, it's a total lie, I do not really know why people say that...