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    Dog Meat Festival in China - Must be Stopped!

    Wow those poor dogs! It hurts my heart to see such images, however, I understand that the Chinese have their own culture and way of life. I believe, the dogs should be treated in a humane way though...what makes me sadder than seeing the killing of these dogs for consumption is seeing bone thin...
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    We Have A New Baby!!!

    Oh my goodness she is beyond adorable!!!! Congratulations to you and your family! I have to say I love her name. Piper Ann is a good name and the puppy is so cute! You guys are so lucky to have her, I'm sure she'll bring your family much love and joy.
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    Hope it makes you smile

    Wow these were so cute and funny! Dogs are wonderful, adorable, and just plain amazing creatures! Thank you for sharing these videos, I kind of needed a pick me up after a long day. Now I can shut down my computer and go to sleep with a smile on my face.
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    Anybody else?

    Part of the reason I'm scared of getting a pet fish is that I'm scared they'll die despite my best efforts. When I was in middle school, I won some fish in my biology class so I got to take them home. I was quite happy with them, but they didn't last long. Two weeks after I'd taken them home...
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    Favorite movies

    One of my favorite movies is Amelie. I absolutely adore Audrey Tautou and I love the soundtrack to the Amelie movie. Amelie just warms my heart and the ending scene never fails to make me cry tears of joy. It's just so cute! I keep going back to that movie throughout the years for some reason. I...
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    What books are you currently reading?

    I enjoy reading self-help/psychology books and recently I got into the whole improving relationships/love genre. I'm almost finished with False Love & Other Romantic Illusions. However, I also picked up Bad Days in History. It's quite funny so I think I'm going to take a step back from the self...
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    Rare Breeds You Want or Just Like

    Wow I'd never heard of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, but they're most interesting! They are so cool! As for me, I'd like to have one of those Mexican Hairless Dogs or Xolos. I think they're quite rare, I mean I've never seen one in real life. I saw them on TV and just fell in love. They're so...I...
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    Breed you've always wanted- but will never have?

    I've always wanted one of those hairless Mexican dogs. They're not the most attractive breed out there and they're rare in my area, but I've wanted one ever since I saw them on TV. There's just something about them that I love. I don't actually see myself owning one though because I'd like to...
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    Hello everybody!

    Hi, how are y'all? I've always had a strong love for dogs for they are such wonderful creatures! I would like to own a dog someday, but for now I cannot provide for one. I like all dogs and look forward to learning more about these animals and interacting with other dog lovers.