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    Hоw dо I соrrесt а rасist dоg?

    @Theboysmom04 I agree it can be anything that the dog associates with a bad experience. I think my dog, Bella, is now associating the bath tub with a bad experience since I just gave her a bath and it was not her favorite thing in the world. She went in the bathroom while my daughter was...
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    Dо dоgs mоurn?

    My sister would bring her dog over to our parent's house while I was still living at home. Her dog and my father became attached to each other and every time he would come over he was always on my dad's lap or beside his chair. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, my sister's dog became...
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    Female Dogs

    I think it is possible that the female is smarter than the male dogs. It could just be an isolated incident in your situation. I do not have much experience with females other than my sister's dog. I have not had my female very long and both or mine are different breeds so that may make a...
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    Whаt gоеs оn in thе mind оf а dоg?

    I believe dogs have a language but we just do not think of it as a language. They can communicate through their bark and their body language. I think they are complex creatures and have a lot of emotions just as humans do. I think that their thoughts would really differ from ours because we do...
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    When you have to travel or go on holiday

    When my family and I went on vacation, I had my dog boarded at the kennel at my vet's office. It was not as expensive as I was expecting it to be either. I know that he was well taken care of and the people there are great. I would use them versus asking a relative or a friend to watch my dog...
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    Shampoos for cats!

    I am not sure about using the same shampoo on the kitten that you do the dog. I have never bathed a cat before since mine were indoor ones and never needed one. If it is not a harsh one then I do not see that it would hurt the kitten. Maybe use just a little amount of it and see if the kitten...
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    My dog almost didn't make it

    That is an amazing and an inspirational story. You just never know what is going to happen when an animal has the will to live and actually survives against all odds. It is wonderful that your dog has overcome the problems it had and is now prospering so well. Thanks for sharing your dog's story.
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    Being brave

    I think small dogs put on a good show that they are just as mean and fierce as big dogs. It is like they have to over compensate for their size so they bark louder and growl fiercer. While big dogs like to do what little dogs do and try to be lap dogs when they just do not fit. Dogs want to be...
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    My dog is a goofball!

    Oh that is too cute. Dogs can be so goofy with some of the things they will do. Sometimes, they act more human than dog. My 9 month old Pit Bull will get up on the back of the couch to sit so she can look out the window. I think she thinks she is small like a cat or something to be able to do this.
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    Kingpet Photo Pet Competition

    That sounds like fun. Have you won anything from this? I have not heard of this before so thanks for sharing. I will check it out soon and see what it is all about.
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    I think it is something that is genetic in them. They are very protective when it comes to their family and nothing is going to hurt them while they are on the watch. I think this is what makes dogs so useful and a big part of people's lives. I know I feel safer now that I have dogs than before.
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    Dogs Fighting?

    My two dogs fight all the time and it gets to be an annoyance. I try to break them up but they go right back at it. I am about ready to get rid of my pit bull for other reasons as well besides the fact I do not want her to hurt my boston terrier. I am sure that it is just play and they are...
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    My 3 dogs - Tisoy, Pipoy, Barbie

    Beautiful dogs. I love their coloring and they look so soft. My daughter is obsessed with pugs for some reason since we do not have one or know anyone who does. But they are adorable with their little smushed face and I always feel so bad for them because they have so much trouble breathing.
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    Has anyone had an odd pet?

    @Valerie That is a great story. I am sure that rooster was grateful to your uncle for rescuing him from the fights. I have never really been around roosters or chickens so it is hard for me to imagine one acting in the way you describe. I think it is amazing when animals act that way towards...
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    What dogs do you have

    I have two dogs. One is a Boston Terrier, named Batman, and he is 6 years old and I got him from my niece two years ago. He is a sweet mama's boy and loves to sleep on my lap or next to me if I am on my laptop. My other dog is a 9 month old Pit Bull, named Bella. She is about 50 lbs so her...