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    Does having a dog make a difference in your life?

    I feel like it did for me. Personally with going to work and school it can be stressful at times and having my two dogs around brings me so much joy. There very loving, a good listener, feels like an extra family member hahaa, and always full of energy. I remember many years ago when I was first...
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    Loca Can't Fecking Run

    Aww...this is too cute and funny. "Loca the bouncer lol." That poor Loca, probably is too excited to run and maybe just decided to dance lol. Thanks for the video, I would definitely subscribe.
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    Dog Poop!

    Thanks for the advice guys, the only thing I could think of him getting near to greasy foods is probably eating the food I left on the table when I am not looking, or probably when I forget to put it up sometimes. And yeah, I'm just going to have to take him to the vet to see what could be the...
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    Leaving Dogs for the Summer

    Thank you guys so much for the wonderful advice.
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    What brand of food do you use?

    Typically I would use Purina. It may be cheap compared to some brands, but it's not the bottom of the barrel. It's a consistent product that's at least been tested. There may be better foods out there, but other factors have more of an effect on the health of the dog. A lean dog on Purina is...
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    Healthy Treats?

    Another vote for carrots - my dogs really love them, and if you want an instant ready to go snack that doesn't go bad easily, you can just pick up the already peeled small ones to dole out on a walk or elsewhere. Otherwise I make liver biscuits that I keep in small Ziploc's in the freezer...
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    Dog Poop!

    Okay so I went downstairs and my dog had pooped in the kitchen but it wasn't a normal poop like it usually is. It looked a bit like a slug (which I thought it was from a distance at first), it was weird and watery and just not normal dog excretion. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be...
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    Leaving Dogs for the Summer

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. Hopefully, this is the right place to post this. I received an internship opportunity for this summer. This is great news for me as I have been looking and applying for months with no luck. The only problem... the internship is in California, and I live in...