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    Pet insurance

    In some cases, the insurance company may cover costs of vaccines, it really depends on who you choose. It is also unlikely because insurance plans cover the big stuff like surgery. What you are looking for in that regard is a wellness plan. Wellness plans typically cover neutering, nail trims...
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    Pet insurance

    It really depends on the insurance company and package you receive. Some insurance clauses may exclude certain breeds for example because they are prone to getting ill or charge extra. If you cannot find a reasonably priced plan in your country then a savings plan is the best way for you to go...
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    Do your dogs likes to swim?

    Mine loves to swim but cannot swim. We have to supervise him when we take him to swim and keep in shallow waters. We are currently teaching him how to swim as ridiculous as it sounds. He wears a cute floatation device whenever we take him out to swim, hopefully he will get the hang of it.
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    Healthy Treats?

    If your dog eats vegetables (mine does) I suggest giving them carrots as a treat. My puppy likes them and I use it when I train him. I sometimes give him a little peanut butter too. You can also boil chicken liver or bake it for treats. Chicken liver is ridiculously cheap where I live, it costs...
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    Dog vaccination schedule

    Hey, there is a way for you to print it and to anyone else who wants to print t in the future. Just right-click on the image and select save this image. It will allow you to save it to your documents and use later. I agree with you on the vaccination points.
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    Dog vaccination schedule

    Yes, some people do not vaccinate their dogs because they either think it is unnecessary, or they think it is costly. Some people do not value their dogs enough and only see them as security tools, so vaccinations are not an option.
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    Teeth Cleaning

    I recommend using raw, edible bones to give your dog as it helps to keep their teeth clean. The best in my opinion is pig's feet. If he is running away, try make it a positive experience, give them a treat after and be patient. You can also use an antiplaque powder that you add to their food.
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    Pet insurance

    I strongly recommend pet insurance for a healthy puppy or dog. There are many good pet insurance companies out there especially in the US and the UK. If you are from another country and cannot find any, I recommend that you put money away in a savings account each month in the case of...
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    Dog vaccination schedule

    Your vet may recommend different times depending on the breed of your dog. Since my puppy was adopted, we gave him the first set of vaccines at 9 weeks old. I recommend printing this as a general guide to keeping up with vaccines.
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    Separation Anxiety

    My puppy had it for a few weeks until we trained her. I made sure to give her a walk before leaving, exercise can help reduce the anxiety for your pet. There are various solutions for separation anxiety such as Adequate exercise and training to stimulate their minds Medicine provided by your...
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    When you have to travel or go on holiday

    I travel often during summer holidays, so my puppy stays with my boyfriend's family. They know how to take good care of him so he is in good hands, he also gets a bit spoiled there so I think he loves it. There will be a time where I will move abroad again, and he will definitely go with us. If...
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    Deworming solution

    It's normal for puppies to have worms. What I did to stay on the safe side, I took a stool sample to my vet to analyze the worms and then he recommended the right medicine for the worms. Most of the solutions are over the counter and affordable so it was an easy problem to solve. He told me...
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    What dogs do you have

    I have a one year old Samoyed puppy. He is still a small puppy but will get quite big, one of my neighbours has adult samoyed and it is huge. He currently weighs around 17-18kg. Every Samoyed I've met has been a sweetheart. I love this breed.
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    Swimming with dogs

    It's getting warmer and warmer each day. Yesterday I took my puppy to a swimming pool (asked for permission and they didn't mind dogs after hours) and he loved it. He is not such a great swimmer though. He just jumped straight into the water, paddled and almost sunk. My boyfriend took him out...
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    Whаt аrе imроrtаnt things thаt а first timе dоg оwnеr shоuld knоw?

    Everyone has great points. One thing I can say is that dogs are a lot of hardwork and are expensive. I spend so much money per month that could probably have been used for a long vacation in Bali. You also have to be patient training your dog, so if you have a short temper, it's not a good idea...