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    Pet insurance

    It's just like having insurance on your child, or yourself. Doctor and ER bills can be astronomical, and while Vet visits don't usually amount of to five thousand dollars, Vet emergencies can cost quite a bit. I had a Staffy once who needed emergency after hours surgery on his leg, or he would...
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    Loca Can't Fecking Run

    I love Loca. They have an entire channel of awesome Loca Moments. He's a special little pug. Anyway I thought I would share this video with you, and give you all a laugh. If you particularly find Loca as adorable as I do, you can subscribe to his youtube channel here...
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    Hоw dо I сlip my puppy's nаils withоut hurting it?

    When I was grooming, I didn't often use a nail clipper, only on extremely small dogs. I actually used a dremal, (dremel? er...Rotary tool! My spell-check had no clue what I was talking about lol sorry!) Using the round rip with the sandpaper/filing bit, I would file the nails back until I could...
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    Hello there! I'm Hope

    I wasn't going to originally make an introduction post since I'm pretty terrible at it, but I may as well since it seems I'm going to be a frequent haunt here. My name is Kasey Hope Martin. I am 25, currently in school to become a Vet Technician. If I ever pass Biology, it will be a good day...
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    Modern Dog Magazine Photo contest

    Thank you so much! I went ahead and entered it. I do hope you guys will help my Annie with votes! I couldn't help it, my Annabelle was so cute. It would be nice if she could win. http://moderndogmagazine.com/photocontest/entry/annabelle-12
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    Dо dоg оwnеrs likе it whеn реорlе аррrоасh thеir dоgs?

    Socialization is very important to dogs, with humans, other dogs, and other animals. The most vital time for an animal to be exposed to people and other animals is the second to twelfth week after birth. This period is literally labeled in the vet world: "The sensitive period." Caring contact...
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    Hоw dо I соrrесt а rасist dоg?

    I would agree with what everyone has said here. Behaviorism is a broad subject, but for a dog that has a bad experience with a particular gender or Race, it is best to associate it with pleasant experiences to break the mentality. Socialize the animal with friendly people of the orientated...
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    Dо dоgs mоurn?

    They absolutely do. I had two dogs a while back, a Staffordshire terrier, Rocky, and a black lab, Annabelle. Rocky I had found on the street and brought home. A few weeks later, I picked up Annie out of a horrible stie of a back yard where the pups were being abused and used as bait dogs for...
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    Did you rescue your dog? What organization did you use?

    I absolutely love this! Every single one of my animals throughout my life time has been a rescue. I have rescued and rehomed so many animals that I've lost count. My current two dogs (Mocha and Latte) I found on Craigslist actually. They had been thrown into the Bayou by Austin, Tx and were...
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    Make your own dog shampoo?

    Wow! I really would like to look into this! I am very into organic recipes! Thank you so much for the share!
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    Summer Cuts?

    I really just want to mention this to pet owners as a groomer: Summer cuts are not always a good healthy thing! A trim or thinning of thick fur is absolutely not harmful. But do NOT get your dogs cut very short for the summer. Their fur acts as an insulator. Longer hair protects them from...
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    Do you pay someone to do it?

    I used to be a dog groomer - in an actual salon. So naturally... no. I don't pay someone to do my dogs. I know how to do everything myself. I will however say that there are several pros along with cons to taking a dog to a dog groomer. Everybody knows the Cons (Corzhens, I am sorry that the...
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    Whаt is а list оf things thаt аrе pоisоnоus tо dоgs?

    There are also quite a few plants that can be harmful to your furbabies! Try to avoid the following house/garden plants if you have a four legged toddler: Mushrooms Marijuana (I know the likelihood of this is low, but just in case!) Particular lilies (he peace lily, calla lily, amaryllis, lily...
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    Do you live in Australia?

    Do you live in Australia?
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    A big dog in a flat

    Agreed with those above, what is the dog's temperament like? Generally large dogs can live anywhere...when they are older. A puppy is not advisable in a small living situation as they are usually more full of energy than a dog that's a bit older and better trained. But it's not entirely...