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    Collar or harness?

    Dogs will tug on their collar but they know when it get's too unbearable they will stop tugging. A collar is the best way I've found to get their attention. To snap them out of that little stare they get and their attention is elsewhere and not on what you tell them to do.
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    Dog food vs human food

    They are not suppose to eat food that contain sugar and salt. Reason why they get addicted to human food so quick. All kinds of things can happen. My dog is hairy. Long hair that will probably fall out if you I did feed them too much salt.
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    What are some simple tricks you should teach first?

    First trick to teach is to sit. That is the first and most important trick. If they want something then need to behave and wait to be given something. That is the first level of obedience. They will take to it if you apply it in everything they do. Instead of jumping and being anxious, they...
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    Best Kid-Friendly Dogs

    I think any dog with the proper training will make great kid and family friendly pets. Dog are trained to attack and be aggressive. That is a something that is taught and nurtured. If you correct the dog immediately they will learn to be docile and submissive. It's when you baby them and...
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    Hоw dо I сlip my puppy's nаils withоut hurting it?

    I cut my dogs nails when I start to hear them hitting the tiles in the living room. I don't go by sight. If I hear them hitting the tiles then it's time for a slight trim. You don't have to take it all off in a single cut. I just take a small part and that's it. I use to try to do it in big...
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    Do you dogs and cats get along?

    As a kid we had both. They grew up side by side and they never went after each other. They are suppose to be natural enemies, but these guys were raised as siblings. Not everyday you get to see a Pit Bull get along with a cat. Now if they weren't raised together, it would be a different...
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    My Labrador has a bald spot

    A picture would help. But if the Vet said the dog is healthy I wouldn't worry about it. If she isn't scratching at it or constantly trying to rub it against something, she'll be alright. I've seen dog that have gone bald because of skin disease and disorders. Some have scratched themselves...
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    Whаt аrе imроrtаnt things thаt а first timе dоg оwnеr shоuld knоw?

    Most don't think of it when they first take on ownership of a dog. That is easily going to be a 10 to 15 year commitment. Can you handle that responsibility and undertaking for that length of time? Most think, "oh look at the cute puppy". But eventually that cute pup is going to need...
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    How did you and your dog first meet?

    I got my latest dog from the pet store. It's a pure breed with American papers. I cold of gotten any old dog from the neighborhood. That's what we use to do when we were kids. But this time I wanted a pure breed. First time for everything. They set you up in a little cubical to play with...
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    Keeping dogs tied

    I don't tie my dog up at all. That's why there is a fence around the property and a sign that reads beware of dog. Now my house dog only goes outside to relieve itself and back in the house. He doesn't roam outside of the fence where someone can carry him off. But I feel that a tied up dog...
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    Playing dress up.

    I never liked it. It doesn't make any sense to me. Dogs has fur to keep them warm. Those clothes were put on them to make them cute. I'm sure a feminine individual had something to do with putting clothes on them.
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    Dо dоg оwnеrs likе it whеn реорlе аррrоасh thеir dоgs?

    I don't really mind when people want to pet my dog. He loves people and affection. As long as the approaching party has good intentions. Now big dogs is a different matter. I never approach a big dog. You don't know where their heads are at and they can snap at you at any time. Best to be...
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    To expats in China

    We have never taken in a dog that was no longer a puppy. Not sure why that is. I'm guessing it's the bonding you have when you raise an animal from its infancy. Parental instincts perhaps. I'm open to adoption but it has to be the right dog and circumstances.
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    My 3 dogs - Tisoy, Pipoy, Barbie

    How do you know that he is autistic? If he is hyperactive then he needs to be exercised more. Leaving him in a cage will only make him more hyperactive. Take on daily runs and exhaust him. You will notice a difference in his mannerism once you give him exercise. Don't forget to correct him...
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    What brand of food do you use?

    I use to feed my dog Pedigree can dog food for years. Only recently have I switched to dry dog food. When he was a puppy he could hold down his food and has a hard time relieving himself. So I went for the wet dog food. Now that he is older and drink a lot more water, I switched to dry dog...