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    Glucosamine Chondroitin

    I take glucosamine chondroitin myself for years, and I also take turmeric for my joint. I don't notice any different with the pain, but I know it helps. I haven't thought of giving supplements to my dog yet, and this will be a good subject for me to bring up with the Vet next visit. Right now...
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    My dog was neutered after he reached 6 months old, and that was from his Vet's recommendation. Nothing really changed with his behavior after the neutering, he was growing just fine, and he wasn't looking for female dogs :) My daughter's dog, about the same age as my dog, is not neutered so...
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    Fleas, the dreadful fleas! We had this problem after I took my dog to have his nails cut. You can try this: water, Dawn dish soap and vinegar mixture to give your dog a bath. Leave it on for a bit, while combing thoroughly before rinse. The make a spray bottle of vinegar and water, spay your...
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    How much does a vet trip run you?

    It depends on where I take my dog! But for an office visit, without any shots or stool exam, it runs from $60 dollars average. These past two years, I enrolled my dog in the health insurance, which I paid $26 a month, which includes most of his shots. Now that he is 2 years old and won't need...
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    Clean dogs are clean of rabies

    Capone is due to get his rabies shot on the 19 of August. One of the most important thing for me is to get him all the shots he needed. Funny though, we don't have stray dogs running around the neighborhood, but stray cats, lots of them! There is no law to control the running stray cats, but...
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    Vegan Dogs

    Before I make my dog a vegan, I would check with the vet first, and do some researches about the health risks and benefits for my dog. He is eating dry dog food, which has everything he needs, and salmon is the first ingredient. Sometimes, he gets fresh carrots, apples slices, blueberries...
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    Switching Dog Food for Digestion?

    I have switched dog food at least five times already since I got my puppy two years ago. I started out with top of the line food when we first brought him home, and soon realized that I will be homeless if I kept it up. Then I fed him more common dog food such as Purina puppy chow to fit my...
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    Do you give your dogs supplements?

    I thought my dog gets all the nutrients and vitamins from his food, so I haven't given him any supplements. I will have to ask the Vet about this to see which is right to give him and what dosage is safe for him. Keeping him healthy now is essential to avoid a big bill later.
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    My dog almost didn't make it

    Wow, I am happy to read that you have buffed him up and he is better now! Such a happy story to read! So now you have all 7 dogs or did you sell off the puppies?
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    Anyone who owns a Spaniel?

    Oh this is one of the breed that I like! I think I used to look at English Spaniel dog online since I wanted one. They are adorable looking and I have heard they are great with children too. To get a really good one, I can't afford it, but it is one that is on my list.
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    Jack Russells

    Jack Russell was my family's dream dog for a long time because we fell in love with Wishbone TV series back then. Later on, we found out that terrier type of dog is not going to be a good fit for our family, but I think they are the perfect size for me still. Temperament-wise, I am not sure if I...
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    Too hard to choose

    So what did you end up with? I used to think that Jack Russels were my kind of dog, until I met one and realized that this kind of dog wouldn't work out since I had young children at the time.
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    Anatolian Shepherd

    Sounds like a wonderful breed! This is the first time I heard of Anatolian Shepherd, and I hope you will get one soon!
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    How did you Choose your dog?

    I had a stupid reason one for picking out my dog. I fell in love with his photo online, and he was for sale at the age of 7 weeks. I couldn't get him out of my mind, and before I knew it, I called the seller to negotiate a price. Then I back out after a good night sleep, but the seller called me...
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    Cutting Ears

    My heart aches just to read that two words! I can't stand thinking about having ears cut, or tail docked at all, and I think it is really cruel to it to animals since they can't talk back. I like long tail and flabby ears :)