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    Playful vs. affectionate

    My dog is both! He can be the most lazy bastard you've ever seen, literally will just paw at a toy 2 feet from his face so he doesn't have to get up. He can also fall asleep on you at the drop of a dime. On the other hand though, he runs faster than any dog I've ever seen personally and will...
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    Loca Can't Fecking Run

    lol, this is why I love pugs so much. They are mother nature's clowndogs. Even respectable, proud pugs get these stupid looks on their face if you surprise them with anything, they're perfect.
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    Vegan Dogs

    I am a vegan...most of you are misinformed on this subject. Allow me to elaborate. First and foremost, dogs are not carnivores, they are omnivores. A carnivore is an animal that can only efficiently extract nutrients and enzymes from other living beings. @OutOfSpoons "Life has always been...
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    Yes and no. It depends on where we are, but he usually just sticks by me until he knows what's up. He's extremely friendly to people who approach him first, but he will absolutely FLOOR it if he sees another dog, like mad sprint for a half mile type fixation on other dogs. Tried to train it out...
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    How did you Choose your dog?

    He was homeless under a building at a family member's work. He was covered in ticks and fleas and latched onto us after we rescued him, so we adopted.
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    Bathing Your Dog

    My dog dislikes baths - doesn't hate them, just accepts his fate. He looks at me and waits for it to be over the whole time, generally really tense but nothing crazy :)
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    Organic Food

    With organic and inorganic, you just need to see inorganic as the gamble. Because you aren't allowed to know what went into the process of creating the food, you are just left with this randomized food product that you are legally barred from learning about or getting conclusive data on.
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    Small vs. Big Dogs

    My pup is a bit smaller, like a big small dog or a small medium dog. Chihuahua and boxer stray mix - I personally like big dogs, but he was a rescue pup and taught me to love little dogs cuz he's just this little bromachine that always wants to hang out :)
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    Does your dog like cats?

    My dog likes everything alive except for flying bugs. He likes frogs, cats, pigs - anything. He's awesome, but as soon as he sees a fly in my room, he is a murderer.
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    What's your dog's favorite toy?

    My pup's favorite is a small ball with a bell in it and these plastic bouncy coils wrapped around it. It rolls and bounces and he holds it in his mouth and lets it go while running to catch it as it rolls and bounces. Hilarious to watch.
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    Collar or harness?

    I have to use a harness because no matter how we train him, our pup will occasionally spaz out and get really excited about something and kind of run forward at a crazy speed, basically judo chopping himself in the neck with his collar.
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    What books are you currently reading?

    I am already done with it, it is magnificent. It a mixture of meditative thoughts, intense perspective and a freeing of the mind from style in general. Style is presented as a system of limitation, and it has already changed my perspective on life. He wrote the book because he could not train...
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    How much does a vet trip run you?

    I am wondering about how much people tend to pay for general visits to the vet. Right now, a simple little checkup runs me between $20 and $40, which lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, so quite expensive minute for minute. I am sure there are parts of the world where it's much cheaper and was...
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    Healthy Treats?

    I have seen a lot of nonsense about treats being potentially high in arsenic that seems to be well-supported by data. What type of treats are generally ideal for dogs? I'd like to find something healthy that still works, because the pup still responds very favorable to treat training.
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    Trimming around the eyes

    Does anyone have any suggestion for trimming a pup up around the eyes? My sister's fiancee's dog is super, super annoyed by the way his hair curls into his eyes, like he will hit the deck and start wiping his face because a hair is curling into it and bugging him. He's a softie and obedient...