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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    I agree, for me it's a common courtesy thing. It's like letting your kids run around inside a dine-in restaurant. Sure it's fine, their kids, but common courtesy people. I don't want to be eating and watching kids run around and screaming. It's annoying and that doesn't make me a child hater...
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    How to Keep Strange Dogs Out of My Yard

    I totally agree, many people just don't take certain situation as serious as they should. This is a serious legal issue, and some people just see it as their dogs are free to do what they want and shouldn't get in trouble. Me personally, I'd hate to do it, but if they ran in my house, I'd...
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    Do your dogs likes to swim?

    I have never seen a dog dive under water, that must be a cool sight. I let my dogs swim, they love it, but I don't because I'm not the best swimmer so I keep them in the 3 to 4 foot section only. I worry about them drowning when we go because I don't know if they are in-taking too much water...
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    Dehydration issue

    I don't give my dogs ice because I don't know what they are feeling when they touch it. I always think about things like brain freezes. I'm not saying that's what they will get, but I don't know what they are feeling so I just keep with natural remedies. I give them cold water, but I don't...
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    How many dogs is an ample amount?

    I only keep my 2 Golden Retrievers. If they make babies, I would be forced to give them away because I'm a single man, and I don't have all the time in the world to take care of 5 or 6 dogs. It would be nice to have more, but sometimes you have to stick with what you can manage without problems.
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    Golden Retrievers are the greatest dogs on the planet.

    Golden Retrievers are the greatest dogs on the planet.