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    Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat

    My other previous dogs also used to eat raw meat but my dog right now does not eat one. I remember one time when my husband tried to feed it raw chicken leftover meat together with its regular food. Our dog which is used to eating cooked food never touched the raw meat.
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    What killed your dog?

    This is really a sad topic for me. In my lifetime, I really couldn't count how many dogs we had in our family and how many have died. But each time a dog dies, it's always a heartbreak for me and my family. We just get so attached to them especially the ones who have lived long with us. I can...
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    [HELP PLEASE]Calming down a dog which I just found.

    Hi @PetLover! :) First of all, let me commend you for having saved a dog in need. I can't remember what show I watched it from but the advice which was given there was to give rescued pets some time to adapt to their new surroundings in small steps. I think the dog needs to feel assured first...
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    Public Etiquette For Dogs?

    I'm sorry to hear that your brother was almost bitten by a dog in a public place @Wolfheart57. So far, I haven't experienced anything similar while in a public place. There are some occasions when a dog would bark and growl at me while I am passing by a road or street. I'm glad I have never been...
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    True Story of a Dog That Made Me Cry

    Hello everyone! :) I thought of sharing this news story about a dog named Saicy, that never left its owner's side even until his death. Saicy's owner suffered a heart attack and the dog has never left his side from the time he was rushed to the hospital until his burial. I was deeply touched...
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    Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

    Speaking of big-sized dogs, my mom has a big dog and it could be quiet aggressive and playful. My mom has had a long experience when it comes to taking care of dogs but she was used to the smaller ones and her age is also now a factor that hinders her from being able to take care of the dog...
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    Dehydration issue

    Oh my, that is really sad @Corzhens. Hearing stories like that really makes me so emotional. I guess it's because I consider dogs as part of our family. I love them like they are real persons. Dogs also provide us the kind of love that is so unconditional that's why hearing sad stories about...
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    My Loyal Companion

    I agree with what you said @xTinx. :) Although it might look and sound a bit crazy for some people but talking to a dog does relieve stress and release tension especially if you have been in a really bad day. The fact that your dog is there sitting beside you, silent as though listening and...
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    Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

    Very well said! :) After reading this post, I also couldn't think of any other thing to add anymore because everything has been basically tackled here. Thank you for this post because I have also learned a lot. Maybe if there's just one thing that I would add, I think any breed would do as long...
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    Fetch Training?

    I have seen some dogs do that in videos and in some documentaries that I've watched. I must say that I have never tried teaching any of my dogs that kind of trick though. Maybe I just don't have the talent to do that. :) But I know that it can indeed be done, with a lot of patience and...
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    Happy birthday, Pipoy

    Aww... It's so sweet of you. :) Happy 4th birthday Pipoy! It's as if Pipoy really knows what's going on. You can tell by the sparkle in the dog's eyes. I'm guessing Pipoy ate majority of the cake. :)
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    Cute Puppies!

    I love puppies! :) They're the cutest especially when they do all sorts of cute and funny stuff that look so good on them. The first puppy on the video reminded me of one of my puppies when I was still a small girl. It was just so cute and furry that I named it after a character on an adventure...
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    Dehydration issue

    Thank you for those great tips @Corzhens. :) Extreme heat indeed is not only severely detrimental and negative to the health of humans but of animals as well. I have also noticed the feeling of heat exhaustion from our dogs during the hot summer season. During extreme heat, I make sure that my...
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    Saving the Dogs

    I too can never think about eating dog meat in my whole life time. It's really sad to think that they are being butchered in some places and the way they have been killed are sometimes way too unacceptable. I have an uncle who's very active in saving dogs which have been captured on the streets...
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    My Loyal Companion

    Hello everyone! :) I would just like to share how I really appreciate my dog's presence and the loyal companion it gives me. I am a stay-at-home mom who also works at home in my computer, and most of the time it is just me and my dog who's left in the house. Sometimes when I'm just too tired...