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    Healthy Treats?

    Dogs love peanut butter, but be careful, some dogs, just like humans, can actually by allergic to peanuts, so if you are planing on giving them peanut butter start with a tiny amount first and be on the lookout for any adverse or allergic reactions. Increase the size if nothing happens, but not...
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    Do your dogs likes to swim?

    It all comes to the breed, some dogs were literally bred to swim, they even have webbed feet like Newfoundlands so they make amazing swimmers, so much so that they are even used as lifeguards! I guess that with the actual physical traits that these breeds exhibit you are also going to have...
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    Female Dogs

    Yeah, I don't care what researches say when they claim that we are just anthropomorphizing them, dogs feel guilt and they are very aware of the fact that they did something wrong, moreover, they sometimes do things that they know will annoy us out of spite, just like little kids. I had a dog...
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    My dogs only like toys that they can eventually destroy, slowly but surely. They only like stuff that they can shred apart, that's why indestructible toys like kongs are quickly ignored unless I fill them with treats or with the Kong's Stuffn'N paste thing, but once that's gone the toy is never...
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    Collar or harness?

    I've used both, and let me tell you something, a smart dog will quickly find the away to escape a collar when some day, by accident, they realize that if they pull backwards the thing slides up their head, so make sure that, if you are going to use a collar, the thing is properly secured, but...
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    Female Dogs

    Well, she does have to live with 2 bigger males (not very aggressive though), so it makes sense for her to wise up and be more careful if she wants to have a toy for herself to play or eat her pig's ear without the other dogs trying to steal it from her. So maybe this is not about gender but all...
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    Female Dogs

    I wonder if female dogs actually mature first just like humans, we go trough a phase, usually when we are like 12 to 14 where boys continue to be kids yet girls are pretty much little young women, as the years go by boys catch up and we end up basically at the same level. I don't know if this...
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    Pоpulаr quеstiоn: Hоw саn I kееp my dоg саlm whilе grооming?

    I must be one of the lucky few because my dogs love the whole process of getting groomed, they never get anxious or aggressive, even sometimes falling asleep at the grooming table! I could swear that they look forward to it. I use the services of these two guys that come to your home in a...
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    Scratching the door

    Yeah, but in my case, it is the opposite, the dogs sleep outside and don't really use the walks that we have to relieve themselves, as we have a huge yard. They are simply bored or feel like walking so they can look at other people, cars, and try to chase cats and squirrels.
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    How many times a day do you walk your dog?

    My dogs have a big yard yet we walk them 2 times every day, the morning walk is mandatory, we miss the night walk once in a while but only if we are extremely busy or the wheatear is horrible. By the way, how many times you walk your dogs is only half the equation, your walks should last over...
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    Dogs Fighting?

    Sometimes there is nothing that you can do about this, I have even heard some trainers tell me that you should go ahead and pet and compliment the dog that was the apparent "winner" of the confrontation because this settles the matter and establishes this dog as the dominant one. They are simply...
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    The Dog Whisperer

    Independently of the actual quality of the advice that Mr. Milan gives, there is something about that show that made it so successful, I don't know what it is but I could watch that show all day. It is probably the host's personality, the reality TV part done tastefully without over doing it, or...
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    My Labrador has a bald spot

    No wonder your vet was puzzled since this bald spots are usually accompanied by the hyper pigmentation of the skin that turns very black. Other than that, the symptoms appear to be the same since there is no damage to the skin whatsoever apart from the color. One of my dogs has that, it is...
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    Running Dogs

    Please be aware that some breeds or dogs should not run or limit how much they run, specially if they are big breeds and susceptible to hip dysplasia, but bichons are fine, if anything they need to burn all that energy. Maybe they don't feel like running non stop because for them, part of the...
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    Female Dogs

    Is it just me or female dogs are smarter? That's the general feeling that I have, and this being independent of breed or size. In my case, the difference is amazing: I can trick the boys into doing stuff yet the girl is so clever that she is always a step ahead of me. She is the one that...