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    What toys does your dog like?

    My schnauzer currently has a dinosaur toy that he really likes. When we take a walk in the morning, he takes that toy with him. I don't know about a dog's nature. So, I can see that dogs can have things they like. He also has a soccer ball because my neighbors' kids send it flying. He isn't very...
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    Morning Surprise

    A few years ago, I remember that it was a rainy day. My father had just bought a schnauzer. He wasn't a puppy. I don't really remember the age he had. Anyway, the rain was pretty hard, and thunders were heard. I couldn't sleep. I did not know why. I turned on the backyard bulb and saw my dog...
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    Does your dog behave?

    I am not quite sure if my dog behaves. When he enters the house, he starts a little wild. However, he does not damage or break anything. He just goes around wanting his head to be scratched. I do obey him and start to scratch his head. After a minute or so, he goes to the main door to see if it...
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    Dire Wolves GOT

    Jon Snow's Ghost. I really like Jon Snow, and when I see Ghost, I want more Jon Snow. Vice -versa included. But there sometimes where I would rather see the direwolf rather than Jon. Not only because of its actions of the show, but also its looks. Its red eyes especially.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi, everyone! I am just starting in here. I currently have a schnauzer. His name is Hohenheim. I named him like that because the dog race is German, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a guy named Hohenheim which is a German name. I take him for a walk every morning and feed him. I am...