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    My dog always poops in my neighbor's yard

    She's just a little bitty thing, and her poop is pretty much bio-degradable. And they don't seem to mind. I haven't been able to break her from the habit of going over there. It's her habit, she seems to think that's what she's supposed to do.
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    We rarely take her to public places, but when we do, we always take her leash. She usually only needs it to take a pit stop. Because she mostly stays in the car. And one of us will stay with her. The leash is for her protection. It's very different in the city and I wouldn't want her to get...
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    How much do you love your dog?

    dog has a very good life. She has earned her place with us by being a wonderful dog, day in and day out. In the earlier years, I was less attached. But the older she gets the more and more I love and care for her. She continues to earn her keep by being so sweet and loving and comforting. She is...
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    Does having a dog make a difference in your life?

    Our dog has been such a joy! She is 15 now and I hope she lives a lot longer. She is still very spry. She's been a comfort and a blessing. A great dog!
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    How often do you groom your dogs?

    One thing I really like about our little chihuahua, is that there is little need for grooming. She stays looking great all the time. I can tell by watching her if she has any fleas and so then I give her, her flea medicine, brush her and clip her toes every now and then, and an occasional bath.
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    Intelligence of dogs

    My dog is very smart. Early on she was learning words and sentences. She understands a lot of what we say and we sometimes feel the need to spell in front of her so she won't figure out what we are saying. She is a chihuahua. Not only is she intelligent, is also very considerate and well mannered.
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    Do you give your dogs supplements?

    My dog gets glucosamine chondroitin with her meal at night. It helps her move around better. I take it too, it help me move around better also.
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    My dog wants to switch houses in the middle of the night

    I'm living between two houses right now that are 100 yards apart. We live out in the country and there are lots of wild animals. At home I did not mind her going out to pee at night. I left the light on and she comes right back in. But now spending nights with my elderly parents and it is dark...
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    How much does a vet trip run you?

    A typical vet bill is $150. That includes buying the Revolution, which is pretty expensive. I was out shopping today and I went into Tractor Supply Co. (TSC). They have a vet clinic every Saturday morning and they claim they will save you a lot of money. I got a flyer and I am going to do some...
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    Does your dog behave?

    My dog is very well behaved and hardly ever does anything bad. She is a pure joy to have a around. However, when she was a puppy, she ate my Dad's hearing aids. Now that was bad!
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    Bathing Your Dog

    I rarely bathe my dog. She takes Revolution, so she does not have a problem with fleas. She never scratches, she doesn't appear dirty, she doesn't smell. I have heard that it is not really good for their skin, to bathe them a lot. I used to bathe her more often at my mother's request, since I...
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    Playful vs. affectionate

    My dog is very affectionate. She is always so happy to see me and when we snuggle, she burrows her head into my side. She loves to cuddle.
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    What dogs do you have

    I have one dog, a chihuahua. Very happy with her, she is a precious dog. My daughter and her husband have a pedigrede black German Shepherd, he is a beauty! My son and his wife have a Pit Bull. He is a great family dog. The kids love him.
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    Anatolian Shepherd

    I have a little chihuahua, she is the greatest. I love her to pieces. She is an inside dog, of course. However, there are a couple of large dogs I am particularly interested in. One of these, is the Anatolian Shepherd. A beautiful dog, known for it's ability to guard livestock. They actually...
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    Scary Dogs

    Our neighbor got a dog that is not very nice. They have a kennel area for their dogs, but sometimes let them out to run. I was walking down to my parent's house one day and this dog, a very big dog, came running at full speed. He got right up to me and kind of cornered me against the fence...