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    Do dogs decode language?

    They obviously know the tones and few words. They tend to ignore the words they don't find useful. For example when I say "carrot", both of my dogs suddenly get up and start running around me expecting the carrot. Sometimes this trick works well, when they run around the field and you need them...
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    Hоw dо yоu tеасh аn оld dоg nеw triсks?

    I've never ever trained a dog, but the one I had before knew a neat trick, when I asked him to give his paw, he did it. When I was a child I asked this him a lot, always made me excited!
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    Bathing Your Dog

    That dog at 1:00 looks like he has gone to hell and back. :D My dogs don't like bathing and are scared of it, I'm not sure they'll grow out of it, I honestly think it's not going to happen, we just have to deal with it, if that is the case.
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    Does having a dog make a difference in your life?

    I don't know if it changes your personality (maybe only makes you more social), but it's certain that dogs relieve stress and make you happy, which is a step in the right direction!
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    Hope it makes you smile

    Thanks for sharing, at least something made me smile today. :) Dog with the stick and one with the phone are the funniest. Also one in the car looks funny, I've seen something like that before. Do all dogs do that?
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    Purina: Send photos to feed dogs (Closes June)

    That's nice of them. Unfortunately I'm quite sure there will be spam or advertising in the e-mail after that. Good thing that it can be blocked.
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    Leaving Dogs for the Summer

    I never thought pet hotels are actually a thing. I guess everything is possible in USA. :D
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    Dog Jokes

    Hilarious! This topic needs more jokes, so here's my addition (I think this most accurately describes a dog, I just love this one):
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    What dogs do you have

    2 Yorkshire terriers. Why? It's much smaller mess, when a small dogs do that and they are extremely friendly. Besides, I've never seen funnier dogs than these two.
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    He's trying to talk

    I don't know why would a dog try to copy what you say, but that video is amazing! I've never seen anything like this before, I didn't even know it's possible.
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    Best Kid-Friendly Dogs

    Yorkshire terriers seem to be very kid-friendly. But there's a catch - they are very fragile, so I'd say kids are not so dog-friendly in this case.
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    Couch Potato?

    I've seen something similar. I'd say that there is a chance that the dog is not getting enough attention or worst case scenario: he's sick, and feels constantly tired, not being able to do the dog-things (running around and having fun).
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    When you have to travel or go on holiday

    Always leave someone to watch over them and give them some company. Dogs are social animals who seem to need human interaction to feel good.
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    Do your dogs likes to swim?

    I don't really know why some dogs hate the water and some love it. It's much easier when a dog likes a bath. I've never seen my dogs swim, but they obviously hate the bath. It makes them scared for some reason. Any idea why?
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    What are your thoughts on pure bred vs mixed breed dogs?

    Thoughts? I guess I'm neutral in this, if there is a dog I really like, I don't care if it's a mixed breed or not. There might be some differences between various breeds, but overall they're all dogs and have similar personalities. :)