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    Dogs and other animals together?

    When I was growing up, we had plenty of cats around, but only two dogs. One of the dogs lived mostly outside by choice, he had a bed in our garage and a huge water bucket, but he slept in the grass. Our other dog slept in the cat bed, to our cats dismay. This one grew up with cats and thinks of...
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    When you have to travel or go on holiday

    I usually try to bring them whenever we can. When we used to go camping, we would take all the things necessary to have them camping with us. However, its not always possible to bring them along with us unfortunately. I have a friend who loves pets. I KNOW for sure that she will take proper care...
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    Dog hates trimming the nails

    Dogs and cats are usually trouble when it comes to trimming nails. I care for a lot of animals and usually just petting or romping around I'll handle the nails or that area a lot. It gets them used to you gently squeezing the paw. Especially cats, not just dogs. I've cared for a Samoyed in my...
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    My Dog Likes to Wear T-Shirts

    If a dog loves to wear the shirt then why not? Its cute and they love it! Also if it is cooler in the house then they might love the feeling of the warmth it provides. I only get annoyed when animals are dressed up like dolls. I cannot help but wonder what the dog thinks when someone spray...
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    A big dog in a flat

    I once rented a room with a lady who was an international student at the university I was going to. She was doing her masters but her family was rich enough to buy her a house. She had a lovely little Samoyed girl who lived in a cage. Her training was totally disregarded and she would jump all...
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    Collar or harness?

    Every dog we've ever had even had elastic parts on its collar to help prevent it from choking when it tugs, etc. They've never reacted strangely since that's the first thing we do when they were pups. Harnesses I never used since we had the farmland and never needed it. I have no idea how to buy...
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    Raw Meat

    Feeding a dog small amounts of raw meat is actually good for the dog since raw meat elements in it that cooked food never will have. If done often enough it aids in their digestion. Giving a dog raw meat a few times will not make it bite you. Only an improperly trained dog would do that.
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    Best Kid-Friendly Dogs

    I agree 100% with this. I've see lumbering St Bernards be incredibly patient with spoilt kids. Although that breed is a little famous for being laid back. My point is, when trained correctly a dog can be a great addition to the family.
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    What books are you currently reading?

    I had no idea Bruce Lee wrote books :O Is this from someone else? Or the one and only Bruce Lee. How is the book so far?
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    Hоw dо I сlip my puppy's nаils withоut hurting it?

    Was this copied from somewhere? It mentioned Susan. Either way, if you are dealing with a puppy, clipping little bits at a time is good. If you are not comfortable enough doing so at first get the vet to show you as he clips the nails for you the first time.
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    Best Kid-Friendly Dogs

    The labrador, the golden retriever, the bull dog, the newfoundland, the irish setter, poodles! All great kid friendly dogs. They make great pets in a family situation and have shown great patience with kids. However, it really is down to the dog's training and upbringing as well as their...
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    Favorite movies

    I have always liked horror movies. For some reason one of my favorites have to do with cooking. Julie and Julia is on my top list of movies I'll watch over and over. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I prefer the movie to the book strange enough, but both are great on its own. Shaun of...
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    What books are you currently reading?

    Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy and Anne Rice's Second Vampire Book with Lestat! I'm so done with missing my friend's constant reference to these two. Both books seem great so far. I also have one of Agatha Christie's book. I think she's one of the greatest authors in crime novels. I'll read...
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    What your bunny likes

    They definitely are opportunist. My little lady used to be liked that but we bunny fenced her room until she eventually must have realized since she stopped. Our garden wasnt as easy to get into either. She used to chew on anything she can get her paws on!
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    Shampoos for cats!

    Thank you so much for this! It's really time we get rid of her green skirt. White animals always seem to be messy, don't they? Someone suggested having her spend more time with an adult female so she learns to clean herself properly.