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    Do you dogs and cats get along?

    @puli93 - I like that you had some bunnies there in the mix! That's adorable. My friend's sister (who was married with a little daughter) bought a bunny for the family. It was their only pet and I remember thinking "that's not much of a pet". But my friend was always telling me stories of...
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    Was it easy finding a name for your dog/s?

    I inherited my dog, Butters, from an older lady who was getting too old to care for her dog (I told the story on another thread so won't repeat it here :)) In any case, she named the dog Butters not after Butter the food or, as some people have asked, after the South Park character (I doubt she...
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    What books are you currently reading?

    I'm currently reading The Brimstone Wedding by Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell). It was recommended to me almost 10 years ago and I bought it right away, then lost track of it! I put it away in my closet and piled things on top of it - only recently finding it. It's funny, because the...
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    Can Your Dog Pick Your Next Boyfriend?

    @Fermin420 - Wow! That's some story! First of all, so sorry that your lifelong friend wound up totally betraying you. That is AWFUL. Reminds me of that saying "The saddest thing about betrayal: it never comes from your enemies". I wish that could be different, but I've had it happen myself...
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    Favourite toys?

    My dog likes this old Domo doll I used to have on my desk at work. I brought it home to put in my home office but Butters claimed it as his and that was that. It looks something like this one. My friend has a bigger dog, she takes the dog to the park a lot and uses this gizmo called The...
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    Do You Sing With Your Dog?

    Hi @Frisbee! Glad to see you do it too. First off, this isn't Butters in my photo, just a random (though cute!) doggy. Butters is a yorkipoo too but less poo and more york :) The songs I sing just usually are the random ones that come on the radio with personal words - but the one I tend to...
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    Can Your Dog Pick Your Next Boyfriend?

    @oportosanto - That's a good idea. Butters (my dog) often goes to my sister's apartment (not only to be dog-sat but also because my sister loves him and loves to "borrow" him and spoil him). Maybe I can send Butters there next time my guy comes over, and if we keep going as I think we'll be...
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    Whаt аrе imроrtаnt things thаt а first timе dоg оwnеr shоuld knоw?

    oh! @joshposh that picture and what you wrote about dogs in the Philippines breaks my heart. The fact that this is common practice is just awful - because it means that there will be no difference as the generations move forward. "This is how my family has always kept our dog - nothing wrong...
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    Do You Sing With Your Dog?

    I love to sing - I love to make up words to melodies that are in my head already, and use words about what I'm doing at the moment. Since often it's just me in my apartment with my yorkipoo, Butters, I'm often singing to Butters or making him the main character of the song. Do you do this with...
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    Why dо dоgs аlwаys wаnt tо еаt whаt yоu аrе hаving instеаd оf еаting thеir оwn fооd? Is dоg fооd rеа

    I agree - I think that dogs just love their human companions so much they emulate them, want to be next to them, doing what they do. So it stands to reason they want to eat what humans eat. I think it's adorable, and has always been a bonding experience with my dog.
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    Keeping dogs tied

    I live in an apartment with my dog, he is small and has the run of the house. The only time he is tied up is if I go out for coffee or brunch with a friend and we sit in an outdoor cafe. Then he's tied up to the chair or rail or table leg or what have you so he can be near me and not wander...
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    Can Your Dog Pick Your Next Boyfriend?

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! I will give it another go (obviously - because I like the guy ... and I want to see where it goes!) It's always difficult, I guess, when you come to someone's home for the first time anyway. I think we were both a bit nervous to be on my home turf and...
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    How much do you spend monthly for your dog?

    Oh wow @Canis - you're making me want to track my expenses too! Although I don't have a dog walker or a sitter since I don't travel for work. And I'm lucky that my dog just has the usual vet bills - nothing has dented my bank account in a way that's made me do a double take. I will be honest...
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    Cats and Cucumbers

    I've also see similar videos with flip-flops. Honestly, I think if you gather up enough of any one reaction you can make it look like a "thing". There are 7 billion people on this planet and only a handful of those videos, right? Still, having never seen it myself I was just really curious if...
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    Can Your Dog Pick Your Next Boyfriend?

    I have a sweet little yorkipoo who gets along with everyone, really. When I have visitors come to my home he's usually very friendly and most people love him right away. Recently, a guy I've seen a few times came over and met my dog for the first time. I was being somewhat affectionate to...